Retirement should actually be enjoyed with good financial security. Many retirees plan well in advance how they want to enjoy this period of life. Some things, such as the age-appropriate renovation of the house, had of course still to be financed on credit. Sobering up comes with the pension notification. Without debt restructuring for pensioners, the payment burden can no longer be borne.

Debt rescheduling – regain financial freedom

Debt rescheduling - regain financial freedom

It has been ten years since politics brought the agenda to its citizens. However, very few were able to correctly assess the financial impact. Her focus was on the approaching pension. Many simply assumed an age-appropriate income. Before retirement, everything should be properly prepared for retirement. The car was exchanged for a new car.

With foresight, many have prepared their living space for senior citizens. The whole thing was financed through reserves and credit. The pension notice finally triggered a state of shock. The pension is secure, only in the amount it was extremely reduced. In this way, Germany can save the dollars and only has to “improve” the poverty reports. But all anger does not help. Only debt restructuring for pensioners can help effectively.

Benefits of debt restructuring

Benefits of debt restructuring

A debt rescheduling is always worth considering when the current payment obligations are no longer in harmony with the income. The original loan amount has been reduced due to the deduction already made. The value date of the liabilities opens up scope for significantly lower installment payments.

Often people hesitate too long before admitting to themselves that things cannot go on like this. In addition to the credit installments, the current bills are depressing. Health costs rise significantly in old age. Many benefits that should be covered “on schedule” by the health insurance company now have an additional impact on pension income.

Money that is missing elsewhere. It is not uncommon for the mountain of unpaid bills to grow. A debt restructuring for pensioners can break the Gordian knot. All liabilities can be summarized again. Only a monthly rate has to be paid. Financial freedom has thus been regained.

Possible providers of debt restructuring

Possible providers of debt restructuring

Age limits can be a problem in finding loans for retirees. The house banks often reject the loan application without justification. In this situation, two different approaches remain. All credit options can be reopened by a solvent co-applicant, for example one of the children. For the co-applicant, the risk of actually being liable is small. People live much longer than their creditworthiness suggests.

If you have no children or want to save your children the risk, you can do it yourself. Debt restructuring is offered by various providers on the Internet. However, the view should be a little more precise with the offers. If residual debt insurance is required, it makes the debt rescheduling loan more expensive.